Steady as a Rock: 35th Anniversary of Rock Steady Crew

I am not a very big fan of anniversaries. Birth anniversaries, Wedding anniversaries, The-last-time-Lindsay-Lohan-got-arrested anniversaries, Charlie-Sheen’s-outa-rehab anniversaries – the lot. I just get sick of counting days. Take the special nth anniversary edition DVDs for example. I really get sick of counting the minutes to watching everyone counting the minutes to the release. Let’s just face it – an anniversary is just a trick cocked up by card companies and the like to make money, and by men to ensure that their wives and GFs are impressed and touched that they remembered it.

But one has to make an exception. Every once in a while, one has to admit that in this vast random infinite universe, there are exceptions to rules. Exceptions for which you would gladly lay down those rules – and one such exception is Crazy Legs and the larger-than-life Rock Steady Crew, which celebrates its 35th anniversary today!

Rock Steady Crew


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you don’t need an introduction to Rock Steady Crew. They were called by the New York Times as “the foremost breakdancing group in the world today”. Enough said.

There’s going to be a huuuuge event and an honest-to-god battle royale to commemorate the occasion. Check out the event’s Facebook page.

One thing about the announcement seems odd though: “We reserve the right to turn away or remove anyone that is not acting in a proper manner at the event.” Indeed you do. But then – who would be left to see the battle?


Crazy Legs is going to give an exclusive interview here at the Ace Dance Studio blog, which we’ll publish shortly. Find out everything you were dying to know about him – from why this will be his last battle (yeah, he’s fighting, and the man is 46 years old. Heck, I’m about half that and I can’t even…well, let’s just leave it there) to why he’s called Crazy Legs. Stay tuned!


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