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    Hip Hop History: A Remarkable Journey From Humble Beginnings

    From its humble beginnings from the poorest of the poor to the far and wide stages worldwide, hip hop has grown into one of the world’s most popular music genres. It has inspired significant cultural influences spanning several generations. It is an artistic movement that had a substantial impact on the music industry.  Hip hop is music with a heart-thumping beat, spinning dance moves with a cyclone’s speed, machine gun lyrics timed to the rhythm of the tune, and art forms that defy common logic and speak to the soul. These are the four elements of hip hop. But we’re getting a bit too far and far too fast. To…

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    How I’m Re-Igniting My Passionate Love Affair with Hip Hop

    At almost 28 years old, I feel old. Old in the local street dance scene – and who can blame me, when I find myself surrounded by fresh-faced high school kids whenever I (rarely) decide to attend one of the events. Being in the scene for 8 years now, it gets to a point where it all feels the same, and progress seems backwards. After running countless events, classes, workshops, battle competition and all things related to street dance, I’m in a period where I need to take a step back from the scene, remove all the external bullshit influence and reflect on what brought me on this path in…