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    Hip Hop Dance

    Ysabelle Capitule – Walk It Out (Girl Dance Routine)

    Walk It Out Girl! I remember losing my shit over this fine woman when I first saw this video back in December. There’s so much swag and groove in this routine, I couldn’t stop watching it. It made me excited about dance again, where so many choreographers out there are too stylised for my liking. I’m a new fan of this piece by up and coming California-based choreographer Ysabelle Capitule, known as the ‘Walk It Out girl’ after the snippet reached almost 6 million views on Facebook to date. She is just FIRE! https://youtu.be/Zi8TZ1KvTxU Ysabelle Capitule   Sarah Ysabelle Capitule was born in the United States on April 17, 1998. She is of…

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    [Video] Quick Crew – Tokyo Night

    “Silence is a source of Great Strength.” This dance video is beautifully put together, though anyone who knows me, knows that I get motion sickness quite easily and did so while watching this video with the up and down motion… wasn’t expecting that, but it was cool.

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    Cookies ft. Keone and Mariel Madrid win World of Dance 2014

    Now I’ve been watching dance crews compete since 2005 then got over it for the past few years. But this is the first time I’ve seen a show filmed with in a high-def, front row panning view like this and it’s Besök den officiella hemsidan för att ta reda på vad ser sildenafil 100 mg ut som samt läsa instruktionerna för användning av läkemedlet pretty cool. You can feel the energy a lot more than any other angles, and while this only captures about one-tenth of the live energy, it’s a great view. The Cookies Crew featuring my favourite dance duo, Mariel and Keone Madrid, won the prestigious World of…

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    Farewell to Rangi “Rangsta Boogie” Harris, 1969-2013

      My friend Rangi Harris loved Hip Hop and he loved sharing it with whomever he could. He was involved in all aspects of the street culture for most of his life and was often found at events, supporting the Aussie Hip Hop scene and catching up with everyone. He would always make time to talk to you and see how you’re doing, genuinely interested and encouraging of your passion. Shoutout to his close friend, Mistery, who arranged an amazing day of tributes complete with new graffiti pieces, T-Shirts, a mixtape by DJ MK-1, a moving ceremony and farewell jam at the Street University in Liverpool. Sad to see him…

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    How I’m Re-Igniting My Passionate Love Affair with Hip Hop

    At almost 28 years old, I feel old. Old in the local street dance scene – and who can blame me, when I find myself surrounded by fresh-faced high school kids whenever I (rarely) decide to attend one of the events. Being in the scene for 8 years now, it gets to a point where it all feels the same, and progress seems backwards. After running countless events, classes, workshops, battle competition and all things related to street dance, I’m in a period where I need to take a step back from the scene, remove all the external bullshit influence and reflect on what brought me on this path in…

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    Knowledge: The Lost Element of Hip Hop

    And so I continue my lifelong quest for Hip Hop enlightenment.  There’s too much shit floating around the web, even more so than when I started blogging about hip hop back in 2006. Facebook and Twitter connect us to artists but no one’s really finding the quality stuff and filtering it for those who care. My goal for this blog is to continue sharing information about Hip Hop culture to raise awareness, appreciation, support and participation for the practitioners to keep doing their thing in a positive way that benefits others. I focus a lot more on the dance side of Hip Hop since that’s where my passion lies, after…