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Ysabelle Capitule – Walk It Out (Girl Dance Routine)

Walk It Out Girl!

I remember losing my shit over this fine woman when I first saw this video back in December. There’s so much swag and groove in this routine, I couldn’t stop watching it. It made me excited about dance again, where so many choreographers out there are too stylised for my liking.

I’m a new fan of this piece by up and coming California-based choreographer Ysabelle Capitule, known as the ‘Walk It Out girl’ after the snippet reached almost 6 million views on Facebook to date. She is just FIRE!

Ysabelle Capitule


Sarah Ysabelle Capitule was born in the United States on April 17, 1998. She is of American nationality and white ethnicity. However, she revealed in a question and answer series on the website ask.fm that she is of Filipino and Portuguese descent.

Ysabelle Capitule is an American international dancer, dance instructor, choreographer, and social media personality with thousands of Instagram followers who are drawn to her page by videos of her insane dance skills, steps, and choreography.

The talented dancer and choreographer is extremely active and well-known on social media. She has a YouTube channel called Lil BIGZ, which has thousands of subscribers, as well as an Instagram page and a Twitter account with thousands of followers. Ysabelle Capitule uses her social media accounts to post and promote videos and photos of her dance sessions, choreography, and dance.

She also has her own apparel line called DIBZ aka Do It Bigz. Today, she is a shining example to others, particularly those in her age group, demonstrating to them that one can work hard to achieve one’s life goals, objectives, and ambitions.

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