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    Event Review (SINGAPORE): Radikal Forze Jam 15th Anniversary, 21-24 March 2013

    I met this bboy from Singapore, Felix Huang, who lived in Sydney for a while then bounced back to Singas (as Aussies would call it) to reunite with his crew and open his own dance studio. They now run the biggest street dance jam in south-east Asia with a jam-packed, 3 full days of battles, after parties and after-after parties. This year was the first that I could make it out there, and I am so glad that I did. After passport dramas at the airport (my passport was valid for 5 months and 3 weeks, and you need 6 months to fly anywhere), Scoot Air kindly moved my flight…

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    Davao City, Philippine’s Finest: Groove Unlimited Dance Community

    I grew up dancing since I was in 1st grade. But never have I seen anyone else who loved dancing as much as I did. Nobody was more hyped up for practice than me and it was hard for a dancer to be able to cope with the crave of dancing without companions who share the same sentiments. Well, at least not until I got to college. I got the chance to get stunned in awe by how passionate the dancers were when I move to Davao City, Philippines for college. I joined the FACES crew that was performing in the University of the Immaculate Conception’s activities and also one…

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    Steady as a Rock: 35th Anniversary of Rock Steady Crew

    I am not a very big fan of anniversaries. Birth anniversaries, Wedding anniversaries, The-last-time-Lindsay-Lohan-got-arrested anniversaries, Charlie-Sheen’s-outa-rehab anniversaries – the lot. I just get sick of counting days. Take the special nth anniversary edition DVDs for example. I really get sick of counting the minutes to watching everyone counting the minutes to the release. Let’s just face it – an anniversary is just a trick cocked up by card companies and the like to make money, and by men to ensure that their wives and GFs are impressed and touched that they remembered it. But one has to make an exception. Every once in a while, one has to admit that…