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Event Review (SINGAPORE): Radikal Forze Jam 15th Anniversary, 21-24 March 2013

Radikal Forze Jam 2013

I met this bboy from Singapore, Felix Huang, who lived in Sydney for a while then bounced back to Singas (as Aussies would call it) to reunite with his crew and open his own dance studio.

They now run the biggest street dance jam in south-east Asia with a jam-packed, 3 full days of battles, after parties and after-after parties. This year was the first that I could make it out there, and I am so glad that I did.

After passport dramas at the airport (my passport was valid for 5 months and 3 weeks, and you need 6 months to fly anywhere), Scoot Air kindly moved my flight to the next day free of charge and I paid about $350 to expedite a new passport by the next morning.

I arrived at the end of Day 1, with the Dance@live jam and the next day, stayed around for half of Day 2 jam. I’ve been to plenty of bboy jams to know that I can avoid the hotbox of 500+ sweaty ballsacks and watch the battles on Youtube from the perfect vantage point later. The floor was slippery from all the sweat and there was no way I was going to stick around (pun intended).

Graffiti at Singapore Radikal Forze 15th Anniversary Jam

The place was decked out in the dopest graffiti art I’ve seen in a long time.

Graffiti at the Radikal Forze 15th Anniversary Jam Venue in Singapore

Congrats to 99Flavas from Thailand for winning the 4v4, up against Joyeux Loufock from France:

Finals: 99Flavas vs Joyeux Loufock

Special mention to the 2 Aussie-hybrid crews that both made it in the semi-finals, Raw Collision and Mighty Zou Gangz

Semi Finals: 99Flavas vs Mighty Zou Gangz

Semi Finals: Raw Collision vs Joyeux Loufock

I’ll skip past the amazing shopping and discounts with an AUD$1 = SNG$1.30 exchange rate and fast forward to the after party. The club was cool, the DJ played good stuff but had no fucking idea how to mix the music. We all hung outside and talked shit with a very drunk Ken Swift who complimented my appearance and talked of his soul brother that he loves very much.

It was amazing to bump into people from my past from all over the world in that place and made me grateful to be in this scene where I’m surrounded by amazing talent and big personalities.

Day 3 is the sole reason that I would come back every year – an all day beach jam at Sentosa Island. Sponsored by Remy Martin with a $25,000 bar tab, we were loving life.

Sentosa Island Jam

Special shoutout to my good friend Bboy Rush who made the semi finals with Raw Collision in the 4v4 and won the finals in the 2v2 at the beach jam Raw 2 the Floor, with Bboy Cheno from 99Flavas, Thailand:

Finals: Raw 2 the Floor, Radikal Forze Jam 2013

So we partied and went fucking crazy, here’s a video that sums up that weekend:

Jam at Sentosa Island

Then after this party we headed to the airport and I thought I’d bring home a lil’ something blue:

Jonnie Walker Blue from the event

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