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[Event] Saturday 3rd May 2014 – R16 Bboy Championships Australia

I only heard about this event two days ago and I’m so glad it’s being held in Australia again. R16 is one of the biggest bboy competitions in the world, with qualifiers across many different countries, leading to the world finals in South Korea. I’m extremely proud of my all-time favourite Aussie bboy crew, SKB (Street Kulture Breakers) being the

نحن نوصي عادة بمحاولة الأدوية. إذا لم ينجح هذا ، فإن الإحالة إلى طبيب مسالك البولية للخيارات الجراحية ستكون الخطوة التالية. شحن سريع إذا كنت ترغب في شراء الفياجرا على العداد في الإمارات العربية المتحدة وضمان الجودة!

rel=”noopener”>Australian champions last year, ranking 3rd in the world at the finals in Korea. FREAKING AWESOMESAUCE! Did I mention that Bboy Blond (Top 6, So You Think You Can Dance Australia 2014) is in SKB?

SKB R16 2013

Here’s their show for the R16 World Finals 2013:

Along with the semi-final battle:

So this Saturday, they’re back to defend their national title and bring the bboy scene up another notch. It’s been a while since there was a major breaking battle and this one is FREE! YES FREE to watch. It’ll be held at the First Fleet Park at The Rocks, just near Circular Quay station. Check out all the Aussie bboy crew, solo and junior battles from 12pm to 5pm. Updates can be found on the Facebook event page. Details are below.

Date: Saturday 3 May 2014 

Registrations open at 11am and close 11.45am.
Event kicks off at Midday

Venue: First Fleet Park, The Rocks
Directions to venue: Catch the train to Circular Quay, once you exit the station and are facing the harbour turn left. The park is a 2 minute walk and is located between the train station and the Museum of Contemporary Art. The venue is on the harbour. The park is close to takeaway shops and other facilities.

The event will be open to crews in the Oceania World Region: Australia, New Zealand and surrounding nations.

1. Bboy Dyzee (Korea) – SuperNaturalz Crew / Rock 4 Christ / 7 Commandoz
2. Bmouth (Taiwan) – Formosa Crew / Mighty Zulu Kingz / Yasir Kingz
3. Rush – Fresh Sox / 7 Dollars / Mighty Zulu Kingz
4. Skot Doo Rok – All Consciousness Crew/ Magikvillianz
5. Orb – Circle of Fire Crew / Soulshifters Crew

DJ: Deejay Naiki & DJ Wizdm

* Crew battle – $4,000 towards flights to Korea to represent your country at the R16 World Championships
* Solo Champion – $1,300 towards flight to Korea for the R16 World Championships
* Juniors 1 on 1- $250 cash

Crews must be comprised of 8 team members and must nominate a central contact person. Crews can register more than one team, however each person can only compete once in the Crew battles.

Each crew member must be a resident of one of the countries in Oceania World Region, or have lived in one of those countries for at least three months in 2014.

The only competitors eligible to compete in both the Crew battle and Junior battles are persons under 18 years of age.

You must be a resident of one of the countries in Oceania World Region, or have lived in one of those countries for at least three months in 2014.

You can compete in crew battles and the solo battle if you wish, but you cannot compete in both the solo and junior battle.

The Junior competition is only open to Australian residents who are:
• under 18 years or
• aged 18 or older who have been breaking for about two years or less. The organisers reserve the right to refuse entry to persons aged 18 or older who are deemed capable of competing at a higher level.

Judging: The O.U.R. System will be used for this event. One judge will be designated for each of the following elements: Foundation, Execution, Battle, Originality, Dynamics.

Cost: The cost of entering is $15 per crew member, $10 for entry to solo battle, and $10 for junior one on one.

Host: Mistery 

Check out the sick R16 2014 Global Champions League Promo featuring battles from all over the world in 2013:

R16 Mission:

The concept of RESPECT is the everlasting theme of this massive four-day event. Over 300 artists, musicians, grassroots-content creators, promoters, producers, urban enthusiasts, hip-hop heads and b-boys from around the world convene in Korea, in an attempt to provide the proper inspiration necessary to push the movement forward. What started out as a world-championship-level b-boy tournament has now evolved into a massive annual festival, which seeks to encompass all aspects of urban youth cultures, as the festival draws visitors and spectators not only from Korea, but also from different regions of Asia and the world.

In 2007, the R16 World B-Boy Championships & Urban Arts Festival was launched as a means of answering a single, burning question: With the support of the government and nation, can grassroots, youth-based cultures like hip-hop and b-boying become profitable, self-sustaining industries? Can these underground movements embed themselves and maintain relevance in society and the mainstream media in Korea and throughout the world?

Through the generous support of the Korea Tourism Organization, the Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, and the city of Incheon, this year’s world-class festival will celebrate and demonstrate the power of youth and the positive possibilities a gathering of this nature can create.

More than anything, this event is a testament to the notion that through dedication and passion, anything is possible. Despite all the conflicts and prejudices that exist in our world, we can still overcome our differences and unite as a group through dance.

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