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    Kevin Hart on Wild n Out

    First Wild n Out Appearance One of the most memorable moments in Kevin Hart’s career was from an MTV improvised comedy show called Wild n Out, hosted by Nick Cannon. Appearing as a guest star in season 4 back in 2007, Kevin Hart was one of the new cast members to appear on video as a guest and at times would take on the role as team captain against the MTV show’s host. Image from Wild ‘n Out First episode premiere The first episode of his premiere season (season 4) aired on June 7, 2007 and guest-starred Kevin Hart and several other celebrity rappers and comedians. People who play even…

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    Knowledge: The Lost Element of Hip Hop

    And so I continue my lifelong quest for Hip Hop enlightenment.  There’s too much shit floating around the web, even more so than when I started blogging about hip hop back in 2006. Facebook and Twitter connect us to artists but no one’s really finding the quality stuff and filtering it for those who care. My goal for this blog is to continue sharing information about Hip Hop culture to raise awareness, appreciation, support and participation for the practitioners to keep doing their thing in a positive way that benefits others. I focus a lot more on the dance side of Hip Hop since that’s where my passion lies, after…