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Kevin Hart on Wild n Out

First Wild n Out Appearance

One of the most memorable moments in Kevin Hart’s career was from an MTV improvised comedy show called Wild n Out, hosted by Nick Cannon. Appearing as a guest star in season 4 back in 2007, Kevin Hart was one of the new cast members to appear on video as a guest and at times would take on the role as team captain against the MTV show’s host.
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Image from Wild 'n Out

First episode premiere

The first episode of his premiere season (season 4) aired on June 7, 2007 and guest-starred Kevin Hart and several other celebrity rappers and comedians.

People who play even a few video clips from this MTV series remember it fondly, calling it one of the best seasons in the show’s run, mostly due to Kevin Hart’s involvement.

Wild n Out days

Kevin Hart on Wild n Out became one of the major highlights of that season. He was one of the best team captains to appear on the now-famous MTV show, and could easily please the crowd with his antics and crazy moments back then.

To this day, people still fondly post clips on YouTube from each episode that he appeared in, and the official Wild n Out YouTube channel even has a video with over 29 million views.

Season 4 length

This season ran from June 7, 2007 up until the season finale on September 27, 2007. Kevin Hart on Wild n Out had appeared in around 20 episodes.

About Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart is one of the most influential comedy stars in recent history. An American comedian, actor, producer and rapper, he has appeared in several episodes on TV and in films and would play as both fictional characters and as himself.

Early Career to Now

Kevin Hart would start off his career in comedy participating in amateur comedy shows, until back in 2002, he was cast into a comedy sitcom called The Undeclared. From there, his name skyrocketed.

Right now, he is regarded as one of the best and most influential personalities of all time and owns a digital comedy network called Laugh Out Loud Productions. Despite that, he still goes out of his way to appear in various shows and is cast in several upcoming movies.

Views and Fanbase

Like the season in which he premiered in, Kevin Hart is highly regarded as one of the best crowd-pleasers of all time, and people who watch the show back in the day would playback the episodes where he appears very fondly.

A quick trip to your browser will tell you this is no exaggeration. In the Wild n Out official YouTube channel, a search for the best of Kevin Hart on Wild n Out will show that this particular video has more views and playbacks than most other clips hosted there.

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Image from Kevin Hart Instagram

Where to watch

You can still catch a few video clips for free on Wild n Out’s official YouTube channel on your web browser, where you can catch the best moments of Kevin Hart on Wild n Out. That video has garnered over 29 million views and is still immensely popular to this day.


However, if you want to watch full seasons instead, you’re going to need a subscription. There are several premium services you can subscribe to, and once you get that, it’s just as easy as viewing them on your web browser.

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