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Study shows what women want on the dancefloor


So when I saw this article about the study, I thought it sounded interesting and had expectations of detailed dance moves e.g. bboy moves versus a popper’s moves. Boy was I disappointed.

Beautiful Dance Moves from Science for Nerds
Here’s a better example of applying science to dance moves

They recruited a bunch of random men and told them to dance to random beats, and out of that showed that larger movements were favoured by women as opposed to small, walking types of movements. I was truly having a WTF moment.

Yeah Science Bitch

This also reminded me of conversations I’ll have with my girlfriends around dating standards – as a dancer, we’d usually have certain standards of guys and dance skills are up there. It is quite cute though when they can’t dance but look like they’re having the time of their life. It’s all about the attitude. I’ve seen many guys who can’t dance, but win us over with their humorous attempts and ability to laugh at themselves. I should write a whole other post about it, but for now just laugh at the videos below that show the preferred moves to the non-preferred ones.

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