Australia Represent! Dance@Live storms Sydney

Dance@Live Sydney Australia

Every street dancer have dreams of competing. But competing under the banner of your own country is something that all street dancers would love to do. Dance@Live is a competition that is held all over Japan in a span of several months. It’s a knockout battle to see which dancer have the best technique and skill set to be proclaimed the best! This is an event that is very popular among all street dancers all over the world and a lot of people come each year to see the cream of the crop battle it out on the floor.

The presentation of this event was made by Steez with the help of Anomaly Inc. and MAS. This event has two major division titles that is waiting for their title holders for both for FREESTYLE and BREAK divisions. With International judges from Osaka and Tokyo, DANCE@LIVE is a gathering that top street dancing competitors of Australia would never dare miss.

The competition runs on a 45 second showcase on their moves on the red hot dance floor. In the elimination round the competition heat up as dancers start in two circles each having their own respective turns to convince judges they should pass that round. Freestylers go 1st followed by the mind boggling stunts and tricks by the bboys and bgirls. After the eliminations round, the quarterfinals, semis and finals are done in a head to head battle between those who passed elimination. It is there that things really start to scorch up as the dancers own the stage, eating up their competition and slowly cutting off the number of competitors one by one where only the best survive.

Dance@Live is now starting the national eliminations in Australia for the next installment of Dance@Live this coming 2013. This time around there is also a 1 on 1 KIDS ALL STYLE BATTLE where the little ones can unleash their “OH MY GOD, HOW OLD IS THAT KID?!” moments. Here are the schedule of events so all you street dancers out there who thinks they got what it takes to make it to the top of the list.

  • Adelaide – Jul 7 Sat @ Norwood Concert Hall
  • Cairns – Aug 31 Fri @ Velvet: Underground
  • Melbourne – Sep 8 Sat @ Williamstown Town Hal
  • Brisbane – Sep 8 Sat @ Aspley State School
  • Perth – Sep 22 Sat @ Winthrop College
  • Canberra – Sep 29 Sat @ Stromlo High School
  • Sydney – Oct 6 Sat @ *to be announced*
  • Sydney – Nov 29 Thu @ *to be announced*

*Source taken from Dance@Live’s official Facebook Page*

The finals will be on the 30th of November, Friday at the Sydney Olympic Park Sports Centre where all of Australia will see who will represent them in the next Dance@Live event. You just can’t miss this one of a kind competition where all the talent, sweat, hard work and perseverance of Australia’s street dancers come into fruition. It has been said that you train to better yourself and to show people how you have grown in your craft, and for all those street dancers out there that posses dreams of reaching the top of the hill in the art of street dancing, then this is one event you should not miss. Proven by millions of attendees, this is the real thing, no phoneys, no fakes just real talent and burning passion.

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