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‘Paper Tigers’: An Exhibition by Matthew ‘Mistery’ Peet, July 2011

Mistery - Paper Tigers 1

Books Kinokuniya, Wedge Gallery & Final Outline Distribution present:

‘Paper Tigers’ An Exhibition by Matthew ‘Mistery’ Peet.

Matthew ‘Mistery’ Peet is a graffiti artist, B-Boy and MC & has been one of the pioneers of the Australian hip hop and graffiti scene since it’s genesis in the early 1980s. Renowned both locally and internationally, ‘Paper Tigers’ showcases the art of one of Australia’s most talented and respected graffiti artists…

Mistery - Paper Tigers 5 “The term ‘Paper Tigers’ usually is made in reference to someone who acts menacing but is actually harmless. This exhibition however serves to use the term to refer to cultural totems and icons.

Many cultures have adopted a native animal as their totem, usually a noble, brave or fearsome animal to present a dignified and awe-inspiring persona. With the exception of the indigenous community all Australians have come from a foreign land, and with their migration they bring with them their various cultural identities and symbols. Big cats have captured that state of mind for generations and many nationalities have utilized them to represent themselves on their coat of arms and flags etc.

Newspapers can also reflect the thoughts and needs of a community, so incorporating the Australian versions of a community’s media helps to communicate on behalf of them on a very different level. Who we are as Australian citizens is the sum total of our traditions, our individual stories and now our futures in a common land, our media serves to mark this to some extent.

Aesthetically the random imagery of newspaper print juxtaposed with the planned shapes and natural colours of a creature creates a dynamic that communicates the tension contained within all communities. The old and the new, traditions and evolution, positive and negative memories are a universal theme for all of us.

Working for many years as a graffiti artist has given me a deep appreciation for the letter form. Although there is a world of possibilities to explore within Roman lettering I also find the beautiful lines and different patterns of foreign fonts inspiring and so incorporating them into these works is merely an attempt to pay some sort of homage”.

Mistery - Paper Tigers 2 Mistery - Paper Tigers 3 Mistery - Paper Tigers 4

The ‘Paper Tigers’ series has been created specifically for Kinokuniya and will be on display within the Wedge gallery for the month of July.

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